List of Rahim Yar Khan Postal Codes | Post Code – Zip Code

Rahimyar Khan Postal Code

In Pakistan, a postal code is a five-digit code typically placed at the end of an address. These codes are crucial for the automated sorting of mail, ensuring it reaches the correct post office or address. Postcodes are also known as postal codes and zip codes. For Rahim Yar Khan, located in the Punjab province, there are multiple postal codes specific to various areas and post offices (List of Rahim Yar Khan Postal Codes).

Rahim Yar Khan Postal Code List

Rahim Yar Khan, a significant district in Punjab, has numerous post offices, each assigned a unique postal code. These postal codes are essential for both national and international mail delivery. Here is the full list of Rahim Yar Khan postal codes:

LocationPost OfficeProvincePostcode
Ahmadpur LamaRahimyar KhanPunjab64380
Allah AbadRahimyar KhanPunjab64020
Bagho BahrRahimyar KhanPunjab64160
Bangla MantharRahimyar KhanPunjab64410
BhongRahimyar KhanPunjab64384
Canal Colony R.Y.Khan PORahimyar KhanPunjab06422
Chachran SharifRahimyar KhanPunjab64140
Chak 102/PRahimyar KhanPunjab64220
Chowk Makki Masjid PORahimyar KhanPunjab06423
Colony Amanat Ali R.Y.Khan PORahimyar KhanPunjab06424
FerozaRahimyar KhanPunjab64070
Hysons Sugar Mills Jetha BhuttaRahimyar KhanPunjab64080
IqbalabadRahimyar KhanPunjab64310
Jamal Din WaliRahimyar KhanPunjab64370
Khan BelaRahimyar KhanPunjab64040
Khan PurRahimyar KhanPunjab64100
Kot SomabaRahimyar KhanPunjab64170
Kot SubzalRahimyar KhanPunjab64470
Liaqat PurRahimyar KhanPunjab64000
Machi GothRahimyar KhanPunjab64450
Mian Wali QureshianRahimyar KhanPunjab64320
Pull SunnyRahimyar KhanPunjab64230
Rahim Yar Khan NPORahimyar KhanPunjab06421
Rahimyar Khan GPORahimyar KhanPunjab64200
Sadik AbadRahimyar KhanPunjab64350
Sanjar PurRahimyar KhanPunjab64460
Satellite Town R.Y.Khan PORahimyar KhanPunjab06425
Sheikh Zayed Hospital PORahimyar KhanPunjab06426
SohjaRahimyar KhanPunjab64120
Tarinda R.S.Rahimyar KhanPunjab64180
Trinda Muhammad PanahRahimyar KhanPunjab64030
Wapda Scarp ColonyRahimyar KhanPunjab64300
Zahir PeerRahimyar KhanPunjab64130
Rahim Yar Khan Postal Code List

Importance of Postal Codes

  • Efficiency in Mail Delivery: Postal codes help streamline the sorting process, making mail delivery faster and more efficient.
  • Accurate Address Identification: They ensure that each piece of mail reaches the correct destination without confusion.
  • Vital for Online Shopping: Postal codes are crucial for e-commerce, helping in calculating shipping costs and delivery times.

FAQs about Rahim Yar Khan Postal Codes

Q1: What is the postal code for Rahim Yar Khan GPO?

The postal code for Rahim Yar Khan GPO is 64200.

Q2: How many post offices are there in Rahim Yar Khan?

Rahim Yar Khan consists of 33 post offices, each with a unique postal code.

Q3: Why are postal codes important?

Postal codes are important for the efficient and accurate delivery of mail, ensuring it reaches the correct location promptly.

Q4: Can postal codes be used for international mail?

Yes, postal codes are used for both national and international mail to ensure accurate and timely delivery.

Q5: Where can I find the postal code for a specific area in Rahim Yar Khan?

You can refer to the table above for the postal codes of various areas in Rahim Yar Khan.

By using the correct postal code, you can ensure that your mail and packages are delivered accurately and efficiently, whether you’re sending them within Pakistan or internationally.

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