Chakwal Postal Codes List

Chakwal Postal Codes List


Chakwal, a city with a structured postal code system like many others, relies on these codes for the effective and smooth delivery of mail and parcels. In this comprehensive guide, we provide you with a detailed list of Chakwal postal codes, facilitating accurate addressing and making it easier to navigate the city.


Chakwal Postal Code

Area Name Postal Code
Ara 48326
Arrar 48370
Badshahan 48760
Balkasar 48630
Basharat 48410
Bhagwal 48680
Bhallah 48514
Bharpur 48540
Bhatti Gujar 48620
Bhaun 48520
Bhin 48750
Buchal Kalan 48560
Buchal Khurd 48580
Chak Baqar Shah 48860
Chak Bhaun 48694
Chak Malook 48770
Chakora 48930
Chakral 48840
Chakwal G.P.O 48800
Choa Saidan Shah 48320
Chohan 48920
Dalipur 48312
Dalwal 48360
Dandot 48310
Dewalian 48820
Dharabi 48624
Dharyala Kahoon 48340
Dharukna 48564
Dheedwal 48516
Dheri Sydan 48332
Dhidwal 48500
Dhoda 48902
Dhudial (Chakwal) 48700
Dulmial 48330
Dumman 48880
Ghazi Abad 48808
Ghazial 48904
Hasil 48740
Jand (Chakwal) 48940
Jhamrah 48550
Jhatla 48260
Kalar Kahar 48530
Karriala 48510
Karuli 48554
Khairpur (Chakwal) 48380
Khan Pur (Chakwal) 48870
Laugah 48950
Lehr SultanPur 48400
Lehri Kakan 48430
Mulhal Mughlan 48910
Manara 48584
Mangwal 48720
Minwal 48690
Mundey 48670
Murid 48610
Nichindi 48900
Nila 48730
Nur Pur 48590
Oudherwal 48660
Pindi Gujran 48890
Rehna Sadat 48604
Sadwal 48600
Saigal Abad 48830
Saloi 48420
Sang Kalan 48704
Sar Kalan 48570
Sidher 48640
Sohawa Village 48850
Tatral 48810
Thanial Fatohi 48802
Thanil Kamal 48780
Thoa Bahadur 48650
Wahalizer 48322
Wahula 48350
Wasnal 48582


Benefits of Postal Codes

Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes in some regions, offer a multitude of benefits that significantly contribute to the efficiency and organization of mail delivery systems. Here are some key advantages of using postal codes:

  1. Accurate Sorting: The primary purpose of postal codes is to facilitate accurate and efficient mail delivery. By incorporating a specific code into an address, postal services can precisely identify the destination area, reducing the risk of mail getting lost.
  2. Speedy Delivery: Helps postal workers identify the intended destination of mail or packages, speeding up the delivery process.
  3. Location-Based Services: Used in location-based services, such as online mapping and navigation systems.
  4. Error Reduction: Helps to reduce addressing errors, which can cause misrouting or delays.
  5. Resource Allocation: Aids postal services in allocating resources more efficiently, such as personnel and vehicles.
  6. Population Understanding: Can be used to understand population distribution and target specific areas for services or marketing campaigns.
  7. Emergency Response: Helps first responders locate individuals or areas in emergency situations.
  8. E-commerce Facilitation: Important for e-commerce and online shopping, allowing accurate specification of delivery locations and enabling precise shipping cost calculation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chakwal Postal Codes

Q1: What is the postal code for Chakwal city?

A1: The postal code for Chakwal City is 48800.

Q2: Are there different postal codes for various areas within the Chakwal district?

A2: Yes, Chakwal District in Pakistan has different postal codes for various areas within the district. Postal codes designate specific geographic areas to facilitate the efficient sorting and delivery of mail.

Q3: Can I use the postal code when sending mail or packages to Chakwal?

A3: Yes, when sending mail or packages to Chakwal District in Pakistan, you should use the appropriate postal code for the specific area or locality within Chakwal where the recipient resides.

Q4: What are the nearby districts of Chakwal, and do they have different postal codes?

A4: Chakwal District shares its borders with several nearby districts, including Khushab, Jhelum, Rawalpindi, Attock, and Sargodha. Each of these districts would have its own set of postal codes for the various areas within them.

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