Top City Faisalabad

Samundri Bypass, Faisalabad

Introducing Top City Faisalabad

Top City Faisalabad is a housing project in Faisalabad, Pakistan. It offers different sizes of plots for homes and businesses. The project is well-designed with good facilities and is in a convenient location. The developers, Hakeem Developers, have a good reputation. They offer flexible payment plans, making it easier for people to invest. Overall, Top City Faisalabad aims to provide a nice place for people to live and work.

Meet Hakeem Developers

Hakeem Developers is the team behind the Top City Faisalabad project. They have a strong reputation in the real estate industry, known for delivering high-quality projects. With years of experience, they aim to create a comfortable and secure environment for residents and investors. Their expertise and commitment contribute to making Top City Faisalabad a promising venture."

Detail & Description

Top City Faisalabad Location

Location of  Top City Faisalabad

Top City Faisalabad is ideally situated on Samundri Bypass, offering a prime location for a luxurious lifestyle.

Nearby Locations:

  • Satiana Road – 6-minute drive
  • Samundri Road – 7-minute drive
  • Cattle Mandi Faisalabad – 1.5 minutes’ drive
  • Citi Housing – 1.5 km away

These nearby locations provide residents of Top City Faisalabad with easy access to major roads and transportation routes, ensuring seamless connectivity to the surrounding areas and proximity to other residential areas and amenities.


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