List of Rawalpindi Postal Codes

Navigating the postal system of a bustling city like Rawalpindi can be challenging. This guide provides a comprehensive list of Rawalpindi postal codes to help residents, businesses, and visitors efficiently manage their correspondence.

Why Are Postal Codes Important?

  • Accurate Mail Delivery: Ensures your mail reaches the correct address.
  • Efficient Sorting: Helps postal services sort and deliver mail more quickly.
  • Reduces Errors: Minimizes the chances of your mail being lost or misdelivered.

Rawalpindi Postal Codes by Area

To make it easier to find the postal code for your specific area in Rawalpindi, we’ve compiled a detailed table listing the postal codes for various localities.

Post OfficePostal Code
Air Port Chaklala Rawalpindi PO04627
Amar Pura PO04617
Askari 14 Rawalpindi46604
Bagh Jameri47390
Bakra Mandi PO04618
Benahal Pattan47432
Chak Beli Khan47600
Chaklala Cantt PO04626
Chaklala Scheme 3 PO04625
Chaklala Village46202
Chakrali Budhal47476
Chour Harpal PO04624
CMA Rawalpindi PO04611
College Road PO, Rawalpindi04612
Dharyala Sehgal47510
Dheri Hassan Abad PO04619
Dhoke Chaudrian PO04620
Dhoke Gujran PO04621
EME College PO04623
Ep Center Committee Chowk04613
F-Block Satellite PO04615
Faizabad PO04614
Gawal Mandi Rawalpindi PO04603
Gharib Abad PO04604
Jabbar Darvesh47660
Jhanda Chichi PO04628
Jhatta Hathial47550
Kahuti Bazar47266
Kalan Basand47274
Khana Road PO04629
Khayaban e Sir Syed PO04616
Kohi Noor Mill NPO04622
Kolian Hameed47296
Kolian Hameed PO04635
Kotli Sattian47260
Lal Kurti Bazar NPO04631
Lal Kurti Bazar PO04630
Lehtrar Bala47270
Log Area PO04632
Mahuta Mohra47620
Maira (Rawalpindi)47376
Mallot Sattian47250
Manghota Barahmnan47542
Mirza Pur PO04633
Murree Brewery Rawalpindi46120
Pindoori (Chak Beli Khan)47610
Race Course PO04607
Railway Station PO, Rawalpindi04602
Rawalpindi Adyala Road46606
Rawalpindi Allama Iqbal Colony46050
Rawalpindi Asghar Mall46040
Rawalpindi Attock Oil Company46600
Rawalpindi Bahria Town (Phase 1,2,3,4)46220
Rawalpindi Bise Morgah46602
Rawalpindi Chak Jalal Din46520
Rawalpindi Chaklala Air Field46210
Rawalpindi Dhamial Camp46500
Rawalpindi Fizaia Colony46330
Rawalpindi General Headquarters46100
Rawalpindi GPO46000
Rawalpindi GPO NPO04601
Rawalpindi Gulzar e Quaid46222
Rawalpindi High Court46610
Rawalpindi Judicial Town46310
Rawalpindi KohiNoor Colony46070
Rawalpindi Kutchery46510
Rawalpindi Momin Pura46010
Rawalpindi Pir Wadhai46350
Rawalpindi Raja Town46320
Rawalpindi Saidpur Road46030
Rawalpindi Satellite Town46300
Rawalpindi Urdu Bazar46020
Rawalpindi Westridge46060
Ruper Kalan47640
Safari Valley (Bahria Phase 5, 6, 7, 8)46620
Said Pur Road NPO04610
Sohat Bagial47474
Tatral Rawalpindi47592
Tatral Rawalpindi, Punjab48074
Teli Mohalla PO04606
Tench Bhatta NPO04609
Tench Bhatta PO04608
Thal Khalsa47522
Thoha Khalsa47380
Urdu Bazar NPO04605
Usman Khatter47060
Wri Colony PO04634
Rawalpindi Postal Codes by Area – Zip Code

FAQs about Rawalpindi Postal Codes

What is the postal code for Rawalpindi GPO?

The postal code for Rawalpindi General Post Office (GPO) is 46000.

How can I find the postal code for a specific area in Rawalpindi?

You can refer to the comprehensive table above which lists the postal codes for various areas in Rawalpindi.

Why is using the correct postal code important?

Using the correct postal code ensures that your mail is sorted and delivered accurately, reducing the chances of it being lost or delayed.

Can postal codes change over time?

Yes, postal codes can change due to administrative decisions or city planning updates. It’s always good to check for the most current information.

How do I use the postal code for international mail?

When sending international mail, include the postal code along with the full address to ensure accurate delivery.


Having a reliable list of postal codes is essential for anyone living or doing business in Rawalpindi. This guide aims to provide you with a comprehensive directory to help you navigate the city’s postal system efficiently. Keep this list handy to ensure your mail reaches its destination without any hassles.

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