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Hyderabad relies on a well-organized postal code system to streamline mail delivery and ensure efficient communication across its diverse neighborhoods. In this article, we’ll delve into the comprehensive list of Hyderabad postal codes for 2024, offering a convenient reference for residents, businesses, and visitors alike.

Hyderabad Postal Code System

The Hyderabad postal code system consists of a series of five-digit codes assigned to specific geographic areas within the city. These codes, also known as postcodes or ZIP codes, play a crucial role in automating mail sorting and delivery, making it easier for postal workers to navigate the city and deliver mail promptly to its intended recipients.

List of Hyderabad’s Postal Codes

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Hyderabad’s postal codes for 2024:

Area NamePostal Code
Badho Kambrani72060
Behar Colony Kotri76040
Bhit Shah70140
Bulri Shah Karim73020
Chuhar Jamali73070
Dewan Sugar Mills Thatta73052
Fauji Sugar Mills Khoski72260
Filter Plant Gharo73220
Goth Shahnawaz70030
Hala Old70130
Hyderabad Cantt.71110
Hyderabad City71500
Hyderabad GPO71000
Jang Shahi73110
Jhimpir R.S.73100
Jhok Sharif73010
Kario Ghanwar72020
Khuda Ki Basti76340
Kinjhar Lake73120
Liaquat Medical College (Jamshoro)76090
Mansora Hyderabad70110
Mehran Sugar Mills (Tando Allahyar)70020
Mirpur Bathoro73030
Mirpur Sakro73240
Missan Wadi70014
Nando Shahar72250
New Dambalo72052
Oderolal R.S.70090
Oderolal Village70092
P.A.F. Badin72210
Petaro Cadet College76120
Railway Crossing Jamshoro76060
Rajo Khanani72110
Sheikh Bharkio70200
Sindh Abadgar Sugar Mills T.M. Khan73024
Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam70060
Sindh Industrial Trading Estate Hyderabad71900
Sindh Regimental Centre Hyderabad71850
Site Kotri76010
Tando Allahyar70010
Tando Bago72120
Tando Ghulam Ali72050
Tando Ikram72220
Tando Jam70050
Tando Mohammad Khan70220
Tando Qaiser70070
Telegraph Workshop Kotri76030
Thana Bula Khan76050
Thermal Power Station76064
Towler Village Nooriabad73094
University New Campus Jamshoro76080
Wapda Residency Colony Lakhra73260
Hyderabad Postal Code

Key Features of Hyderabad’s Postal Code System:

  • Efficient Mail Delivery: The postal code system enables efficient mail sorting and delivery, ensuring that letters and parcels reach their destinations promptly.
  • Location Identification: Each postal code defines a specific geographic area within Hyderabad, making it easier for residents and businesses to locate addresses and landmarks.
  • Automation: By incorporating postal codes into the mail sorting process, Hyderabad’s postal service can leverage automation technologies to streamline operations and enhance productivity.
  • Accuracy: Postal codes reduce the likelihood of errors in mail delivery by providing clear and standardized address information for postal workers to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Hyderabad Postal Codes:

Q1: What is the postal code for Hyderabad, Sindh?

A1: Hyderabad, Sindh, has multiple postal codes assigned to different areas within the city. You can refer to the comprehensive list above to find the postal code for a specific location.

Q2: How do I use a postal code to address mail in Hyderabad?

A2: When addressing mail in Hyderabad, simply include the postal code at the end of the recipient’s address. This helps the postal service route the mail to the correct post office or delivery area.

Q3: Are postal codes the same as ZIP codes?

A3: While postal codes and ZIP codes serve a similar purpose in facilitating mail delivery, they are not the same. Postal codes are used internationally, including in Pakistan, whereas ZIP codes are primarily used in the United States.


The comprehensive list of postal codes provided above serves as a valuable resource for navigating Hyderabad’s diverse neighborhoods and ensuring efficient mail delivery. By incorporating postal codes into addressing practices, residents, businesses, and postal workers can contribute to a seamless and reliable mail delivery system in Hyderabad.

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