List of Sukkur Postal Code’s – Zip Codes 2024

List of Sukkur Postal Code's

Sukkur, a vibrant city in Sindh, Pakistan, is known for its rich history, bustling markets, and strategic significance. For efficient mail delivery, the city is segmented into various postal codes, making it easier to sort and deliver mail promptly. This article provides a comprehensive list of Sukkur postal codes for 2024, ensuring you have the most up-to-date information for all your mailing needs.

Overview of Sukkur Postal Codes

In Pakistan, a postcode is a five-digit code used to facilitate the sorting and delivery of mail. Whether you’re sending or receiving mail within Sukkur or from other regions, knowing the correct postal code is crucial. Below is the detailed list of Sukkur postal codes, helping you navigate the various regions within the city.

Postal Codes for Key Areas in Sukkur

Area NamePostal Code
Adil Pur65080
Agha Qadirdad Market PO06529
Arain Road65320
B.I.S.E Sukkur PO06531
Bagarji PO06530
D.S. Pak: Railway TSO06532
Dad Laghari65052
Fertilizer Factory Dharki65020
Haleji Sharif65140
High Court Sukkur PO06522
Jamia Masjid PO06523
Khanpur Mahar65070
Postal Codes for Key Areas in Sukkur

Additional Postal Codes for Sukkur

List of Sukkur Postal Code's
Sukkur Postal Code
Area NamePostal Code
Mehran Markaz TSO06524
Minara Road PO06525
Mirpur Mathelo65040
Nawa Goth PO6526
New Cloth Market TSO06527
Old Sukkur PO06528
PAF Airport65310
Pak Saudi Fertilizer Mirpur Mathelo65050
Pannu Akil Cantt.65130
Pano Akil65120
Rohri Cement Works65180
Saleh Pat65150
Site Area Sukkur PO06533
Sukkur Adam Shah TSO06534
Sukkur Barrage PO06535
Sukkur Board of Secondary Education65210
Sukkur GPO65200
Sukkur NPO06521
Postal Codes for Sukkur

Significance of Postal Codes

Having accurate postal codes is essential for timely and correct mail delivery. This is particularly important for businesses that rely on mail services for communication and transactions. Moreover, postal codes help in identifying specific areas within the city, making navigation and location identification easier.

Utilizing Postal Codes Effectively

To ensure your mail reaches its intended destination without delays, always include the correct postal code in the address. This practice not only enhances the efficiency of postal services but also reduces the chances of lost or misdirected mail.


Sukkur’s postal codes are vital for efficient mail delivery within the city. By familiarizing yourself with the postal codes listed above, you can ensure that your mail and packages are sorted and delivered accurately. Whether you’re sending a letter to Old Sukkur, a parcel to the military road, or any correspondence within Sukkur or beyond, the correct postal code is key to seamless delivery.

Stay updated with the latest postal codes to avoid any inconveniences and ensure smooth postal services. For more detailed information on postal codes and their respective areas, refer to official postal services or local post offices in Sukkur.

Looking for postal codes outside Sukkur? Dive into the List of Islamabad Postal Codes & List of Karachi Postal Codes for comprehensive information on postal codes in other cities.

By following these guidelines, you can efficiently use Sukkur postal codes for all your mailing needs in 2024 and beyond.

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