Park View City Islamabad

park view city islamabad

Park View City Islamabad is a premier residential project developed by Vision Group, offering an exquisite blend of luxury living and modern amenities. Located in the heart of Pakistan’s capital, it enjoys a prime position near Bahria Enclave, ensuring easy access to essential facilities and attractions.

Developers & Owners: Park View City Islamabad

Developers Owners Park View City Islamabad
Developers Owners Park View City Islamabad

Park View City is developed and owned by the Vision Group, a renowned real estate development company. Led by its founder, Abdul Aleem Khan, the Vision Group is committed to creating exceptional residential communities with a focus on modern amenities and sustainable living. With its dedication to quality and innovation, Park View City stands as a testament to the Vision Group’s vision for upscale living in Islamabad.

NOC: Park View City Islamabad

Park View City has obtained the necessary No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the concerned authorities, ensuring that the project meets all legal requirements and regulations for development. This NOC signifies the approval of the project’s layout plan, infrastructure, and compliance with municipal standards, providing assurance to investors and residents regarding the legitimacy and authenticity of the development.

Location and Map: Park View City Islamabad


Park View City is strategically located in the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city. Situated near Bahria Enclave, it enjoys a prime location that offers convenient access to essential amenities and attractions. The detailed map of Park View City showcases its well-planned layout, including residential and commercial areas, parks, and other facilities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a modern and well-connected living environment.

Nearby Locations and Landmarks

  • Bahria Enclave
  • Korang River
  • Murree Expressway
  • Rawal Lake
  • Margalla Hills National Park
  • Park Road
  • Lake View Park
  • Bahria Town
  • Golra Railway Station
  • Fatima Jinnah Park
  • Shakarparian

Access Points : Park View City Islamabad

  • Park View City is located in Zone IV on Malot Road.
  • Approximately a 20-minute drive from Faizabad.
  • Around 25 minutes by car to reach Zero Point.
  • About a 45-minute drive to Kahuta Road.
  • Approximately 17 minutes by car to reach Murree Road.
  • Distance from Srinagar Highway: approximately 25 minutes by car.
  • Around a 40-minute drive from Saddar Rawalpindi.
  • Approximately 53 minutes by car to reach Rawat-Chakbeli Road.
  • About 21 minutes by car to reach Islamabad Expressway.
  • Nearly 49 minutes by car will get you to Islamabad International Airport.

Master Plan: Park View City Islamabad

The master plan of Park View City encompasses a meticulously designed layout that harmonizes residential, commercial, and recreational spaces. Here are some key features of the master plan:

Residential Sector

  • Block A and B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • Block E
  • Block F
  • Block H
  • Block J
  • Overseas Block
  • Golf Estate
  • Hills Estate
  • Terrace Apartments

Commercial Sector

Well-planned commercial zones are integrated within the community, providing convenient access to essential services, retail outlets, and commercial amenities.

  • The Walk
  • DownTown
  • Main Boulevard

Recreational Facilities

The master plan includes provisions for recreational facilities such as sports complexes, playgrounds, and leisure amenities to enhance the quality of life for residents.

Road Network

An efficient road network with wide boulevards, avenues, and internal streets ensures smooth traffic flow and connectivity within the community.

Utility Infrastructure

Modern utility infrastructure, including water supply, electricity, and gas distribution networks, is integrated into the master plan to meet the needs of residents.

Security Measure

The master plan incorporates security measures such as gated entrances, surveillance systems, and patrolling to ensure the safety and well-being of residents.

Features and Facilities: Park View City Islamabad

  • Gated Community
  • Load Shedding Free Zone
  • Underground Infrastructure
  • CCTV cameras
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • State-of-the-Art Development
  • Apartments
  • Botanical Garden
  • Golf Estate
  • Commercial Walk
  • IMAX Cinemas
  • Zoo and Parks
  • Club & Community Center
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Mosque
  • Gated Community
  • 24/7 Utilities


In conclusion, Park View City stands as a beacon of modern residential living in Islamabad, offering an unparalleled blend of luxury, comfort, and convenience. With its meticulously planned infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to quality, it has emerged as a landmark development in the region. From its lush green surroundings to its innovative amenities, Park View City promises a lifestyle that caters to the diverse needs of its residents. Whether it’s the upscale apartments, serene parks, top-tier educational institutions, or commercial zones, every aspect of Park View City reflects a vision of excellence and sophistication. As a testament to its value and potential, Park View City continues to attract investors and homebuyers seeking a prestigious address and a promising investment opportunity.

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