Giga Mall Islamabad

Giga Mall Islamabad

Giga Mall Islamabad: A Shopper’s Paradise

Giga Mall, the crown jewel of Islamabad’s shopping scene, stands tall as the largest shopping destination in the city. Nestled in the prime location of Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Phase II, this mega project by the renowned Giga Group of Companies has been captivating shoppers since its grand opening in August 2016. Spanning over a vast 63 Kanals, Giga Mall Islamabad offers a unique blend of luxury, entertainment, and world-class retail therapy.

A Glimpse into Giga Mall’s World-Class Facilities

Giga Mall redefines the shopping experience, providing an adventure within its distinctive architectural structure. Hosting a plethora of local and international brands, the mall boasts over 200 outlets that cater to the discerning tastes of its elite visitors. From high-end fashion to cozy family cinemas, Giga Mall ensures an all-encompassing experience.

Entertainment Extravaganza at Giga Mall

The fun doesn’t stop at shopping; Giga Mall is a hub of entertainment for all ages. The five levels house not only premium retail outlets but also a range of entertainment facilities. From secure parking and clean environments to Wi-Fi and prayer rooms, Giga Mall strives to exceed expectations. The adrenaline level in the twin cities stays high with surprise sales promotions, activities, and events that keep visitors hooked.

Shopping Brands Galore at Giga Mall

Dive into a shopping spree with a diverse array of brands at Giga Mall. Whether it’s renowned fashion houses like Amir Adnan, Alkaram Studio, or international favorites like Adidas and Charles & Keith, Giga Mall ensures a fashion-forward experience. With over 200 brands to choose from, shoppers are spoiled for choice, making Giga Mall a true fashion haven.

Giga Mall’s Culinary Delights

After a day of shopping, indulge your taste buds at Giga Mall’s diverse food court. From local favorites to international cuisines, the food court caters to every palate. Whether you crave a gourmet meal or a quick snack, Giga Mall’s culinary offerings leave no stone unturned.

Family Fun at Fun City – Giga Mall’s Entertainment Hub

Fun City: Where Every Child’s Dream Comes True

The second floor of Giga Mall houses the beloved Fun City, a haven for children and families alike. Boasting a variety of rides, including dodgem cars and motion rides, Fun City offers wholesome family fun. With no age limit, it’s a hit with kids under 13, but parents find themselves equally enthralled by the motion rides.

Fun City – More than Just Fun for Kids

Fun City isn’t just a hit with kids; it’s a lifeline for parents looking for a secure environment. While kids immerse themselves in the excitement, parents can enjoy the nearby food court and cinema. Its popularity extends beyond the twin cities, drawing families from far and wide for a day filled with joy and laughter.

Affordable Family Fun at Fun City

Not only does Fun City offer a top-notch and safe environment, but it’s also budget-friendly. The reasonably priced facilities make it accessible to people from all walks of life, ensuring that everyone can experience the joy of Fun City.

Stay Updated with Giga Mall

For the latest updates on Giga Mall’s timings, events, and sales promotions. You visit the Giga Mall Islamabad Facebook page. Whether you’re a fashionista, a foodie, or a family seeking fun, Giga Mall promises an unforgettable experience.

Brands at Giga Mall

Shoes & Bags1st Step, Seventh Heaven, Aatika’s, Adidas, Adoro, Almirah, Alpha, Amir Adnan, Anamta & Faateh, Apavi, Bachun ki Duniya, Bana’s Attire, Bareeze, Bata Shoes, Batik, Batik Studio, Beauty Plus, Beechtree, Bling Collection, Bonanza Satrangi, Books Exhibition, Borjan, Braggs London, Brand City, Brand Ministry, Breakout, By the Way (BTW), Cambridge, Cardinal Kids, Carrefour, Charcoal, Charizma, Charles & Keith, Chimaera, Chinyere, Cobblers & Cartel, Cougar, Crius by Insignia, Cross Stitch, Da Mobilica, Dare to Dazzle, Levis, Denizen Levis, Designe Hub, Diamond Crown, Diners, Dockers, Doro, Dynasty, Eastern Hand Crafts, Edenrobe, Elegant Choice, Elegant Makeup City, Elegant Perfumes, Ethnic, Explore, Fashion Resort, FPL, Frutastic, Furor, Gadgets Mobile, Generation, Ghani Silver Shop, Gilgit Bazar, Ginnastic Nutrition, Gulzari Optics, H&H Decor, Heer, Hipster, Honey Toys, Hopscotch Kids, Hub, Hunza Emporium, Hush Puppies, Husnna, Ideas by Gul Ahmed, Inglot, Insignia, Islamic Honey Center, Issmart, J. Fragrances, Jafferjees, Jalips, JC Buckman, Johri Jewellers, JOJO, JS Handicraft & Shawl, Just For Men, Just Fragrance, Kapok, Kayseria, Kef Diamond, Khaadi, Khussas, Kundan Shoes, Laces, Lady Privacy, Laman, Lawrencepur, Leisure Club, Limelight, Little People, Location, Logo Shoes, Love My Style, MJ Jewellers, Maalik Jewllers, Mag, Majhuraat, Mantra, Maria.B, Mashoomaan, Max & Max, Maybelline New York, Milana, Milli Shoes, Minime Kids, Miniso, Minnie Minors, MIPJ, Miracle, Mobile Cover, Mocciani, Mona Embroidery, Monark, Mr. Kazi, Multani Art, Nakoosh, Naqshi, NDURE, Nike, Nishat Linen, Nizam Watch, North Face, Oaks, ONE, One Dollar Store, Outfitters, Panache, Paolo Rossi, Pound Store, Readers Point, RG Perfumes, Rohireet, Rollover, Royal Tag Pakistan, RTH, Saba Imran, Saeed Ghani, Sana Safinaz, Sapphire, Saya, Sha Collection, Sikandar Handicrafts, SilverStition, Sinbo Pritech, Siraj and Sons, Skechers, Small Bracket, Sohaye by Diners, Sovenier, Sports Plus, Style & Comfort, Style Inn, Stylo, Sumbal Bridal, Swarovski, Taana Baana, Tag Heuer, Tajik Traditional, Tayyab Jewllers, Telemart, Tesoro, Thai Taste, The Body Shop, The Linen Company, The Shine, The Time Zone, Threads & Motifs, Threads by Saqib, Tiny Years, Toyland, Ultra Club, Uniworth Black, Urge, Variety Bags & Cosmetics, Virtualastic, WB by Hemani, Ximi Vogue, Zeen, Zubaidas

Eating Brands at Giga Mall

Fast FoodAlbaik, Ali Baba Doner Kebab, Burger Lab, Burgerei, Chacha Jee, Chashni Sweets, Cheezious, Choclates & Cigs, Cinnabon, Goshez Cafe, Hardees, Howdy, Jelly Factory, KFC, Lahore Is Here, Manolo Gelato, Mcdonalds, Murphy, OPTP, Pasta Xpress, Pepes Piri Piri, Pizza Hut, Pizza n Pasta, PopNosh, Red Apple, Rewayat, Simply Sufi, Sweet & Salt, Tawa Chatkhara, Tayto, The Ice Factory, The Potato Factory, Turk Station
Desserts & Ice CreamAlmond & Co, Baskin Robbins, Boston Creamery, Broadway Pizza, Bubluda, Coco Republic, Dark Side, Ice Curl, Manolo Gelato, Mercury Paan Shop, Murphy, Simply Sufi, Soft Swirl, Sweet & Salt, The Ice Factory, The Potato Factory
CafésAsian Fusion, Cofee Planet, Chachajee, Coffee Planet, Howdy, Manolo Gelato, OPTP, Starbucks, The Potato Factory
Juice & SmoothiesJuice Station, Juices Island, PopNosh, Sial Truck Art, Simply Sufi, Soda Lab

Entertainment Brands at Giga Mall

  • Bird Safari
  • Cinepax
  • Eagle Fire
  • Funcity
  • Giga Express Train

Fun City Islamabad is located on the second floor of the Giga Mall. It is a place for kids to enjoy themselves. It has different rides for kids, including dodge cars, and motion rides. Merry go-rounds and much more for the kids to enjoy themselves fully. There is no age limit as such, but it is most popular with kids under 13. However, the motion rides are not just for the children; their parents love to join them for some much-needed and wholesome family fun.

Fun City Giga Mall is one of the most popular places in the mall. Kids, in particular, love it for the great diversity of activities that it has to offer. This enables parents to dine out at the nearby food court and leave their kids in a safe and secure environment while they enjoy themselves. The cinema is also only a few steps away; thus, you can watch a movie while the children have the time of their life in Giga mall Fun City.

Fun City Rawalpindi is frequented by families from the twin cities and people from areas as far away as Jhelum because of its unmatched facilities for the whole family. It is the safest place for your children to enjoy themselves. This security is what sets it apart from other such venues in other locations across Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The fun city is a must-visit attraction if you are coming with your children anywhere close to DHA II. Visit the second floor of the Giga Mall today, and enjoy it with your children.

The facilities are not only safe and top-notch but also very reasonably priced. This is why people from all walks of life love to visit because of all of the fun-filled rides that Fun City has to offer.

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