50+ Legal Housing Projects in Faisalabad

Looking for a new home in Faisalabad? Explore over 50 legal housing projects across various locations in the city. From established neighborhoods to up-and-coming developments, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking a cozy villa or a spacious plot, these approved projects offer a range of options to suit your needs. Discover your dream home today in Faisalabad’s vibrant real estate market.

100 HomesChak No. 204/RB FaisalabadApproved
A.Zee HousingChak No. 234/RB FaisalabadApproved
Abdullah DefenceChak No. 229/RB FaisalabadApproved
Abdullah Farm Housing SchemeChak No.204/RBApproved
Air Avinue CityChak No. 230/RB FaisalabadApproved
Akbar Housing SchemeChak No. 204/RBApproved
Al BarkahChak No. 226/RB FaisalabadApproved
Al barkat VillasChak No. 226/RB, FaisalabadApproved
Al-Hamra TownChak No.199/RBApproved
Al-HaramTown Chak No. 66/JBApproved
Al-Jameel Farm Housing SchemeChak No. 217/RBApproved
Al-Mahboob GardenChak No. 223/RBApproved
Al-Qasim Blossom ViewChak No.121/JB, FaisalabadApproved
Al-Raheem ValleyChak No. 215/RBApproved
Al-Raheem Valley ExtensionChak No. 215/RB, FaisalabadApproved
Ali Town Sitara Gold citySatyana Road, FaisalabadApproved
Alpha HousingChak No. 296/RBApproved
Amin TownChak No. 207/RBApproved
Babar Sultan ValleyChak No. 258/RB, FaisalabadApproved
Bilal CityChak No. 197/RBApproved
Bilal Garden196 RB, FaisalabadApproved
Bilal OrchardGhona Road, FaisalabadApproved
Bismillah OrchardChak No. 61/GB FaisalabadApproved
Canal ParkChak No.204/RB FaisalabadApproved
Canal ValleyChak No. 209 & 215/RB FaisalabadApproved
Canal VillasChak No. 204/RB FaisalabadApproved
Chenab GardenChak No. 223/RB FaisalabadApproved
CITI Housing SchemeChak No. 234/RBApproved
CITI Housing SchemeChak No. 4&5/JBApproved
Cooperative Housing and Building Society Employees ofUniversity of Agriculture FaisalabadApproved
Deens Paradise VIP BlockChak No. 233/RB, FaisalabadApproved
Defence CityChak No. 226/RB & 238/RB, FaisalabadApproved
Defence ParadiseChak No. 222/RB FaisalabadApproved
Defence view Executive Block  Chak No. 226/RB Satiana Road FaisalabadApproved
Defense FortChak No. 223 RBApproved
Din GardensChak No. 144/RB FaisalabadApproved
Doctor CityChak No 238/RB FaisalabadApproved
Eden GardenChak No. 208/RBApproved
Eden Garden Executive BlockChak No. 208/RBApproved
Eden Garden Phase-IIChak No. 208/RBApproved
Eden OrchardChak No. 121/JBApproved
Eden VillasChak No. 222/RBApproved
Ejaz TownChak No.124/JB FaisalabadApproved
Executive BlockChak No. 204/RB FaisalabadApproved
Executive CityChak No. 215/RB FaisalabadApproved
Faisal TownChak No.217/RB FaisalabadApproved
Faisalabad Lawyers Cooperative Housing SocietyChak No. 198/RBApproved
Fareed TownChak No.214/RB FaisalabadApproved
Fatima BlockChak No. 209/RB FaisalabadApproved
Ghafoor GardenChak No. 204/RBApproved
 list of Approved housing projects in Faisalabad

In conclusion, Faisalabad boasts a diverse array of legal housing projects catering to different preferences and budgets. With over 50 approved developments spread across the city, prospective homeowners have ample choices to find their ideal residence. From established communities to promising new ventures, the real estate landscape in Faisalabad offers something for everyone. Start your journey towards homeownership today and make Faisalabad your cherished place to call home.

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