Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad


In 2018, Park View City Islamabad emerged as a residential haven in the beautiful Islamabad Capital Territory. Designed to complement the nearby botanical gardens and farming projects, it quickly gained a reputation for offering a luxurious lifestyle on a grand scale. Covering 15,000 kanals, with over 6,000 kanals already developed, ParkView City is more than just a housing project; it’s a statement of refined living.

Key Amenities:

Underground Electricity

Park View City prioritizes preserving natural beauty. With underground electricity, residents enjoy uninterrupted views without unsightly overhead wires.


Parks are scattered across all blocks, emphasizing ParkView City’s commitment to creating a healthy and happy community. These green spaces cater to all age groups.


With 24/7 surveillance and well-trained personnel, ParkView City ensures a safe environment. Regular patrols enhance overall security for residents.

Dancing Fountain

The Downtown Islamabad Lake features Pakistan’s largest dancing fountain, providing an elegant and entertaining focal point in the sought-after commercial area.

Commercial Hub

Poised to become the next big commercial hub, ParkView City boasts impressive commercial areas like Downtown Commercial and The Walk, with a dedicated business district and shopping mall.

Food Court

ParkView City’s Food Valley Food Court, against lush green hills, offers a diverse culinary experience with local and international cuisines, complemented by breathtaking valley views.

Residential and Commercial Offerings

ParkView City provides a range of residential and commercial plots in blocks such as D, E, F, H, and more. Each block has its unique charm, offering various options to suit different preferences and budgets.

The flexible payment plans make it easy for potential buyers to invest in their dream property, whether it’s a 5-Marla plot or a high-rise residential plot.

Payment Plan ParkView City Islamabad

Residential and Commercial Blocks:

BlockPlot SizeTotal Price (Rs.)Downpayment 25% (Rs.)Balance Payment (Rs.)Installments
D2-Kanal100,000,00025,000,00075,000,0004 Quarterly
E1 Kanal Terrace6,000,00015,000,00045,000,0004 Quarterly
F5-Marla13,000,0003,250,0009,750,0004 Quarterly
H5-Marla13,000,0003,250,0009,750,0004 Quarterly
10-Marla25,000,0006,250,00018,750,0004 Quarterly

High-Rise Residential Plots:

Price/Kanal (Rs.)Payment PeriodPlot SizeCash Payment1-Year Payment2-Year Payment
150,000,000Cash4.67-K, 6.1-K, 7.4-K700,500,000934,000,0001,167,500,000
200,000,0001-Year4.67-K, 6.1-K, 7.4-K934,000,0001,220,000,0001,525,000,000
250,000,0002-Year4.67-K, 6.1-K, 7.4-K1,167,500,0001,525,000,0001,850,000,000

ParkView City Islamabad isn’t just a housing project; it’s a vision of elegance, quality, and a sophisticated lifestyle. With a focus on preserving nature, providing top-notch amenities, and offering diverse real estate options, ParkView City is set to be a prominent landmark in Islamabad’s real estate scene. As the project evolves, it promises to redefine urban living in the capital city.

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