Fajr Time Faisalabad: Faisalabad Prayer Times

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Fajr Time Faisalabad

In Faisalabad, one of Pakistan’s bustling industrial hubs, the spiritual rhythm of daily life is anchored by the five daily prayers, with Fajr being the first and arguably one of the most significant. This article will provide you with comprehensive details about Fajr time in Faisalabad, ensuring you never miss this essential prayer.

What is Fajr Prayer?

Fajr is the first of the five daily prayers in Islam, performed before dawn. It signifies the start of a new day and is a time for reflection, supplication, and seeking guidance from Allah (SWT). Performing Fajr on time is considered highly meritorious, setting a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Importance of Fajr Prayer

  • Spiritual Renewal: Fajr prayer provides an opportunity for spiritual rejuvenation at the beginning of the day.
  • Mental Clarity: Starting your day with Fajr helps clear your mind and prepare for daily challenges.
  • Discipline: Adhering to the Fajr prayer time cultivates discipline and time management skills.

Fajr Time in Faisalabad Today

For accurate and up-to-date Fajr times, refer to the table below:

DateFajr Time FaisalabadSunrise
25 June 202403:26 AM05:02 AM
26 June 202403:26 AM05:03 AM
27 June 202403:27 AM05:03 AM
28 June 202403:27 AM05:03 AM
29 June 202403:27 AM05:04 AM
30 June 202403:28 AM05:04 AM
01 July 202403:28 AM05:05 AM
Fajr Time in Faisalabad Today

Note: Timings are subject to slight variations based on local astronomical calculations and sighting of the moon.

Monthly Fajr Times in Faisalabad

To help you plan your prayers over the month, here’s a schedule of Fajr prayer times for the upcoming days:

DateFajr Time FaisalabadSunrise
01 July 202403:28 AM05:05 AM
02 July 202403:29 AM05:05 AM
03 July 202403:30 AM05:05 AM
04 July 202403:30 AM05:06 AM
05 July 202403:31 AM05:06 AM
06 July 202403:31 AM05:07 AM
07 July 202403:32 AM05:07 AM
08 July 202403:33 AM05:08 AM
09 July 202403:33 AM05:08 AM
10 July 202403:34 AM05:09 AM
11 July 202403:35 AM05:09 AM
12 July 202403:36 AM05:10 AM
13 July 202403:36 AM05:10 AM
14 July 202403:37 AM05:11 AM
15 July 202403:38 AM05:11 AM
16 July 202403:39 AM05:12 AM
17 July 202403:40 AM05:12 AM
18 July 202403:41 AM05:13 AM
19 July 202403:41 AM05:13 AM
20 July 202403:42 AM05:14 AM
21 July 202403:43 AM05:14 AM
22 July 202403:44 AM05:15 AM
23 July 202403:45 AM05:15 AM
24 July 202403:46 AM05:16 AM
Monthly Fajr Times in Faisalabad

For comprehensive prayer schedules in other cities, visit our Prayer Timings: Popular Cities Islamic Prayer Times page.

Tips for Observing Fajr on Time

  • Set Multiple Alarms: Ensure you wake up by setting more than one alarm.
  • Sleep Early: Going to bed early can help you wake up refreshed for Fajr.
  • Plan Your Morning Routine: Have a simple and quick routine to make getting up easier.
  • Community Support: Join a prayer group or community that encourages early rising for Fajr.

Useful Apps and Resources

  • Athan App: Provides accurate prayer times and reminders.
  • IslamicFinder: A comprehensive resource for prayer timings and Islamic content.
  • Muslim Pro: Offers not only prayer timings but also Quran readings and Islamic calendar details.


Understanding and adhering to Fajr time in Faisalabad is crucial for fulfilling daily religious obligations. This prayer not only marks the beginning of a Muslim’s day but also sets a tone of discipline, devotion, and connection with Allah (SWT). Use the provided tables and tips to help integrate this vital practice into your daily life and ensure you never miss the spiritual benefits that come with performing Fajr at the correct time.

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